Mary Leay (UK) and Tiff Randol (USA) connected when they were both knee deep in learning to navigate and balance the changes brought about in that beautiful and overwhelming first year of motherhood with their careers as songwriters, artists and composers.  

6 weeks after giving birth, Tiff found herself suddenly without a management team, and despite all the music they had plans on releasing, found she could not do it all alone.  This gave birth to the beginnings of Mamas in Music, as she began to develop an idea for a platform that could support mothers in continuing to make music and give a voice to mums in the industry.  She sent out an SOS email to a women’s music group, looking to connect with other mothers in music and thankfully it reached Mary.  

Mary recalls, “That email was literally like somebody turned on a light inside of me. Once my daughter arrived I felt very alone and didn't have a clue about how I would balance my career and motherhood. I just knew that after dedicating my entire life to my "first baby" - music - I was set on finding a way to make it all work. The idea of creating a platform to disrupt all these disheartening feelings amongst mums in our industry and create a structure for Women in my situation to be able to thrive and continue making music, while also being amazing mothers - seemed like a no brainer. I was in!"

A dialogue unfolded over some time that bantered between breastfeeding and sleep advice to carving out this platform they were dedicated to bringing to light.

Those first few months were about helping each other as ‘mum friends’ but in that time they found they were able to talk a lot about their experiences within the industry and the anxieties they both faced about their careers and how they could continue. Not just the practical struggles like childcare, not being able to get to sessions, missing out on writing camps and studio time, but also the stigma they had already experienced and knew was deep rooted in the music industry along with many other industries. 

Now that their babes are toddlers and they are getting a bit more sleep, Tiff and Mary continue on building this exciting new home within the music industry for hard working musical mothers across the globe.


We are currently building a team of incredible mamas building our platform. We have so many ideas and we want to share them with you. We are openly seeking likeminded people to joins us on our mission. 

If you are interested in partnering with us or joining the team please get in touch either by e-mailing us or visiting us on Instagram or Facebook.